We are a company
focused on driving
our client’s growth
through their Purpose.
This is
what we call
Purpose-Driven Growth.

  • Why Picnic?At Picnic we believe that adding meaningful value in people’s lives is the only way to become truly relevant. And only if brands are relevant, will they be able to drive companies’ sustainable growth. That’s why everything at Picnic arises from a human-centered approach: because putting people at the center of our strategy guarantees relevance, and relevance drives growth.
  • What is Picnic?Picnic is a strategic brand consultancy with a clear objective: to help companies and their teams build purposeful brands, brands that have the power to add value in people’s lives beyond products or services they sell. We aim to solve our clients’ strategic challenges through processes that help them grow, thus our value proposition: “Purpose-Driven Growth™”.
  • What do we offer?Based on a deep-dive analysis of an organization and the context it operates in, as well as its Purpose and strategic pillars, we identify growth opportunities for the brands we work with.
    Most of our work is focused on three areas: Brand strategic definition, Coherent brand behavior through the different assets, and the Development of Innovation Strategies.
    On top of these services, we also offer strategic support and guidance to help in the actual implementation of the brand strategy to ensure a coherent and seamless experience when working with their creative partners our clients the possibility to rely on our strategic guidance throughout the different stages of their brand-building process, to ensure all decisions are coherently implemented and translate into real growth.
  • How do we work?At Picnic we work on project basis and under a collaboration based model: we approach each project from scratch and think of the most optimal way to solve it together with our clients. We design a specific process and bespoke team for each project, working hand-in-hand with other teams and collaborators.
    These are the key principles that define our work:
    • Aiming for excellence in the services we offer in each project.
    • Co-developing methodologies and processes that bring value to the experience, not only the outcome.
    • Bring the best of ourselves and every person we work with.