Fernando Vega Olmos

Born in Buenos Aires, he studied Psychology (a bit understandable being Argentinian), and at age 25 he became Creative Director of Gowland, back then the largest advertising agency in Argentina.

He later worked with Ratto and Hugo Casares, who are considered the fathers of Argentinian creativity. In 1989, he partnered with them forming Casares Grey. In 1997 he founded Vegaolmosponce, an agency that rapidly becomes iconic due to his, nationally and internationally, awarded work for Unilevers AXE.

In 2004, he moved to London becoming the Global Creative Director for Unilever brands at Lowe&Partners. In 2006, Fernando moves to Madrid to launch LOLA (Lowe Latina), a global hub for some of the most important Unilever brands in the world.

In 2009, he joined JWT as the European & Latin-American Creative Director. He becomes the first Latin American to lead the Networks Global Creative Council within a year.

Fernando has been a member of the jury at Cannes Festival four times, becoming its President more than once. He has won all of the most prestigious advertising awards during three decades (we should keep in mind that advertising people tend to win more awards than the boy scouts give out badges).

He has conceived iconic campaigns for all continents. His work for AXE, stands out, receiving the first Integrated Lion at the Cannes Festival.

In March 2014 he founded Picnic as Chief Creative Officer.  During his career Fernando has worked with the most eclectic and diverse talent around the globe, creating ideas that cross boundaries and transcend cultural barriers.