We are Picnic, a brand consultancy firm that believes in the power of purpose as a source of business growth.

We call it,
Purpose-driven growth.

We believe that a company’s reason for being and doing goes beyond the products and services it sells, because it is not only about selling more, but selling better.

We also believe that purpose is to be rediscovered, not manufactured as it comes from within the company. We define it as an amazing journey to the center of your soul.

Purpose is a collective compass that drives everything a company does and says.

A timeless legacy that transcends individuals. A statement about the collective positive impact that we intend to have.

We are excited to share our beliefs with the companies that we work with.

Take a look into the discussion that we had at AdWeeka Asia together with Susana García, Brand Director Europe – Active Hydration Category at The Coca-Cola Company.

A conversation about the experience of rediscovering together the power of purpose demonstrated through the real case study of Aquarius.


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