I’m a Picnicker.

I know what I know. And I know what I don’t know.
I love collaborating with others because it is the best way to expand my limits.
I know I’m good at what I do. I have a bit of an ego, accordingly.
But my ego is tamed when I deal with new and unfamiliar things.
It’s only when I have the chance to work with brilliant, eclectic and diverse talent that I put my own ego aside.
I need from them as much as they need from me.
I want to collaborate in a fun, entertaining environment.
Shoes off, with joy.
Barefoot is how I truly can put myself in other people’s shoes.
With joy, I embrace experimentation not being fully certain of where I’m heading.
I love traveling and not asking how much time is left every 5 minutes.
But I really need to work on things people can use to improve their lives.
Words bore me. Words for me are as a sticky jungle where it’s really easy to get lost.
I hate dark places. I love working where there is light and fresh air.
I need light to see clearly. I need fresh air, to be able to do things seamlessly.
I don’t like to fail, but I’m not afraid of failing.
What I really hate are mediocre failures.
When failing, it better be a huge failure and learn from it as quickly as possible.
Failures in slow motion make me mad.
I don’t believe in succeeding as a lonely rider.
I love celebrating success but you can only do so when being part of a team.
It’s amazing the feeling of hugging each other when glory comes knocking on your door.
I love my job. I’m passionate for what I do.
I consider it a gift, and it’s my task to worship it.
I want it to be useful to someone else, not just to myself.