Alex Pallete in Berlin School. Forbes’s article (nov/2014)

Picnic Founder Alex Pallete On Paradigm Shifts In The Branding Business

Alex Pallete is one of those Mad Men who got fed up with the system. The volatility, consolidation and staid business model in the advertising industry gnawed at him. He also felt it was out of tune with citizens who were tired of being marketed at and who are more sophisticated than many brands realize. So he quit and went to a two-year program at the D-school at Stanford University. “I was there to reset and evolve,” he said.

He’s now trying a new approach at creative work by launching a branding innovation firm in Madrid called Picnic. Its focus is to avoid just advertising products for brands but, rather, to collaborate with companies on making products and solutions. In other words, picnic aims to do innovation rather than just branding. He joins other ad industry detractors such as Alex Bogusky, a former ad wunderkind who quit his firm to try his hand at start-ups and turned into a vocal critic of the advertising industry.

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