The Future of Brand Growth12-13 February, Madrid
Visualize and test how brands and businesses will have to interact with people in environments to come.
Welcome to STRATEGIC FORESIGHT, the discipline which, for the first time in Spain, prepares today’s brands to make the most of tomorrow’s opportunities.
To truly be prepared for the future, doesn’t mean just understanding it. We have to see it.
Welcome to STRATEGIC FORESIGHT, the discipline which, for the first time in Spain, prepares today’s brands to make the most of tomorrow’s opportunities.
The future does not exist. it is being created today. Learn how.
Welcome to STRATEGIC FORESIGHT, the discipline which, for the first time in Spain, prepares today’s brands to make the most of tomorrow’s opportunities.
Visualize the future to take today’s decisions.
Welcome to STRATEGIC FORESIGHT, the discipline which, for the first time in Spain, prepares today’s brands to make the most of tomorrow’s opportunities.


Strategic Foresight: what is it?

Strategic Foresight is a discipline allowing us to navigate the future and use it as a source of inspiration for the present.

How does it work?

Mapping future scenarios lets us test our current strategy, knowing where to modulate it. It helps us develop innovation relevant in tomorrow’s world, anticipating the changes to come.
In this session we will explore Natural Foresight® methodology, developed by our partner Kedge, tested with companies, institutions, and prominent organisations around the world.


Natural Foresight® undertakes 4 steps:

What’s it for?

  • Learning to design and map future scenarios.
  • Analysing current change indicators.
  • Choosing the future scenario that offers more opportunities for your brand or organisation.
  • Designing a clear action plan to facilitate decision-making, so you can start building the future now.
  • Designing products, services, and experiences that will be relevant in the future.


What does it involve?

During this two-day workshop you will discover and work with the Strategic Foresight discipline applied to brands.
Get ready to:
– LISTEN: To Strategic Foresight world experts, and hear accounts from high-level directors who have already applied it in their organisations.
– LEARN: About the tools and methods used in Strategic Foresight, like Scenario Planning.
– APPLY: This knowledge in your organisation’s day-to-day life, thanks to practical exercises designed to be replicated in real business environments.

Who should attend?

The workshop is aimed at directors, leaders, and managers looking for more ways to run their organisations and brands with agility, determination, and courage, towards a successful future.

Why should you attend?

Nowadays we live in turbulent yet incredibly stimulating times, where both change and evolution are exponential. Assuming that the future will be like what we know today is, at best, naïve. Only having the ability to adapt and respond is not enough to prosper. In this world of uncertainty there are as many threats as opportunities, and both can change your brand’s future in the blink of an eye.
No matter the category or sector in which your brand operates, it’s important to remember that every hotel might one day meet their Airbnb.
It is therefore not enough to have an organisation that adapts to change. You have to be know how to foresee, anticipate, and manage what the future might bring.
We all have to start designing the future, today.

Companies already applying
this discipline with our partner

“Working with Kedge has been a wonderful experience. I was able to use what I learned immediately from The Futures School, and shared with the team back at the ranch. I personally know I grew in my understanding and use of many foresight tools, and was encouraged by their statement to hack the tools, and make them my own. I am over the moon.”

Robin Jourdan
Ford Motor CO.

“Extremely vital skills are taught by TFS that will be vital to stay relevant in the ever-changing world. Easy-to-use frameworks can be used and implemented immediately”

Yelena Ibadul
Daimler Trucks

“If you are trying to make sense of the future, find innovative solutions and opportunities, and take action to position your organization not just for survival but also for growth, then you must connect with this team. Their work is transformative and energizing, yet anchored in tools and processes that should satisfy the most ardent pragmatist. The Futures School will help you to THINK BIG and DO BIG. If you are ready to challenge your ideas about the future and your opportunity to prepare for it, these are the futurists who can take you there.”

Richard Ramsey
Walt Disney International



For the first time in Spain, Picnic is introducing Strategic Foresight applied to brands, thanks to one of the most globally-prestigious companies in this discipline, KEDGE.
At Picnic, thanks to our expertise in global brand building, we know that the changes that can affect one of the most important assets in any company – the brand – can arrive from different surroundings and an ever-more-drastic pace of life.
That’s why we believe it necessary to understand not only how to react but also how to visualize the future to be one step ahead of the change, and to build brands that are still relevant and thriving in the future.


Yvette Montero
Founder & Futurist
More than 15 years’ experience in multinationals, with roles from Finance and leadership to HR. Yvette has developed her career around Future Thinking, helping big companies, organisations, and startups to find ways to build their future.
Frank Spencer
Founder & Futurist
Frank was born a futurist. After graduating from Regents University, he dedicated his entire career to the world of foresight, with a specific focus on helping companies and organisations use it to develop a future-mindset and a transversal culture around Strategic Foresight.
Julian Bulgheroni
Former Regional Director Corporate Strategy & Business Development
Julian was with the Walt Disney Company from 1997-2017. During that time, he helped define vision and strategic objectives, develop business models, identify new opportunities, and lead different initiatives. He was one of the driving forces of the implementation of a Strategic Foresight task force at Walt Disney.
Alex Pallete
Founder & CSO
One of Picnic’s founding partners, Alex has more than 20 years’ experience in strategic planning. Throughout his extensive career Alex has contributed to the creation of iconic global, regional, and local brands, leading and inspiring teams across all continents in multinational agencies such as JWT, Lola, The Vidal Partnership, Bates Spain & LatAm. His notable clients have been Unilever, P&G, Nestlé, and Vodafone, among others.



12 & 13 February, Madrid – Fundación Francisco Giner, Pº General Martínez Campos 14.
Day 1 10:00-17:00
Introduction and presentation

What is Strategic Foresight,
how can we apply it to brands

Strategic Foresight in action:
the Walt Disney Company

Introducing Global Future Scenarios
Day 2 10:00-16:00
Strategic Foresight in practice

Future-scenario implications for brands (group exercise)

Group feedback

Future of Brands Growth

Wrap up



The cost of participation in the workshop is 1,500€ + VAT per person, and includes:


Full access to the two days of talks and work dynamics (12 hours total).


Educational material.


Catering (Breakfast, coffee break, and lunch; both days).


Madrid, 12 & 13 February
At Fundación Francisco Giner,
Pº General Martínez Campos 14.

Useful information

Given its international nature, the workshop will take place in English (talks, materials, and practical tools).
Owing to the dynamics involved, and to maximize learning for each participant, the maximum number of participants will be 30 people.

Book your place or ask for more information