Helping you rediscover your Brand Purpose so it becomes the springboard for developing new products, services and experiences.

A brand that wants to make a difference in business needs to make a difference in people’s lives

Is your brand really relevant in people’s lives?

Does your current Brand Purpose limit you from developing actions that really make a difference for them?

Brand Purpose:At Picnic we help you to rediscover your Brand Purpose in a way that is immediately actionable.

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  • 01.

    Brand purpose

    After an in-depth analysis of the situation we look at the challenges and opportunities for your brand. This lets us rediscover your Purpose and ensure that it is relevant, differential and credible. We want your Brand Video to inspire everyone to get involved, working together to build the brand around its own unique Purpose.

  • 02.

    Brand architecture

    We define the relationships between different brands, or sub-brands, so that each contributes to the growth of the company. We thereby help them build, between them all, a unique Purpose.

  • 03.

    Implementation guideline

    We develop a master briefing to inspire, guide and filter any brand manifestation internally or externally. That way we make sure that any brand actions work well together and make sense for the brand.

Nowadays brands are built more by what they do than what they say.

True Brand Assets bring the Brand Purpose to life, and are thereby the Brand’s strongest weapon of communication.

Despite a clear Brand Purpose, are your brand assets lacking innovation and usefulness in people’s lives?

Are they too tactical or opportunist, rather than helping to build your brand?

Asset Creation:At Picnic we create ideas for products, services, and experiences, that are all strategic and applicable to the Brand Purpose.

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  • 01.

    Engagement platform

    Based on the Brand Purpose we develop a creative platform which links all your Brand Assets.

  • 02.

    Product / service / experience ideas

    We create ideas for products, services and experiences, all of which demonstrates the Brand Purpose as well as being uniquely innovative and useful.

The important thing is not the size of the idea but the size of its effect.

We keep our focus on the Brand Purpose, so that it will keep building the brand.

Do you want your Brand Assets to be available and communicated to more people, cheaper and faster?

Have your Brand Assets ever lost coherence or strength along the way?

Amplification:At Picnic we bring your Brand Assets to life, always making sure that they will help build your brand.

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  • 01.

    Amplification plan

    We establish different viability scenarios, based on the Asset’s potential impact and available resources.

  • 02.

    Bringing ideas for products / services / experiences to life

    We coordinate all brand resources so that the product, service and/or experience can be created.