We help you rediscover your most genuine Brand Purpose, so it becomes the compass of everything you are, do and say.

Brands seeking relevance must add meaningful value in people’s lives, beyond their commercial offerings.

Does your brand have a clear and defined strategy?

Is your brand relevant in people’s lives beyond its products and services?

Is your current brand Purpose enabling differentiating brand activations?

Are your brand’s strategic pillars showing your brand’s truths, target audience, and competitive landscape?

PURPOSE-DRIVEN MEANING: At Picnic we will help you define and focus the meaning of your brand, rediscovering together its Purpose to maximize its value contribution in people’s lives.

Brands are built from everything they do and say. It is vital that all brand assets are aligned with the meaning behind their brand strategy.

Is your current brand behavior portraying your Purpose and strategy with relevant brand activations?

Are the different products and services from your brand portfolio, its business areas and commercial segments conveying the brand’s strategic vision?

Does your company use clear processes, that enable different agents and departments to create and execute these ideas coherently?

PURPOSE-DRIVEN BEHAVIOUR:At Picnic we help achieve brand/company behavior coherently aligned with its Purpose.

Once a Brand is clearly defined and is demonstrating its Purpose coherently, it’s the right time to start anticipating the next steps that will continue to drive relevance.

Is there an opportunity for product/service innovation that create new growth?

Is there a frontier/boundary for your brand’s innovation before losing its essence? What is your brand’s elasticity?

How will your target’s needs and values change? How can your brand anticipate/foresee these changes to maintain its relevance?

PURPOSE-DRIVEN INNOVATION:At Picnic we help create new products, services and experiences, or reframe the meaning of the existing ones, so that your brand brings its Purpose to life and adds real value, today and in the future.

For companies, being aware of how their environment is evolving means being aware of how the relevance of the value they provide is evolving.

Are there emerging needs and social changes that can be addressed from you purpose?

Can we leverage the milestones of your company’s evolution and growth to take it to the next level?

RELEVANCE BOOSTER:At Picnic, we help companies to become more and more relevant in different ways: with Relevance Booster, we adjust the meaning of their purpose (or rethink the way they demonstrate it) according to the social context; and with Milestone, we unleash the power of their corporate milestones to boost their leadership. Find out more about Milestone at wearemilestone.com.